Otis is located in Washington County, CO approximately 130 miles northeast of Denver, CO at the junction of US Highway 34 and State Highway 61. Otis was established in 1882 as a construction campsite for workers building the Burlington & Missouri rail line from Lincoln, NE to Denver, CO. According to tradition the community was named after W.O. Otis, a pioneer settler. The post office opened in 1886 and the town was platted in 1887. 

Otis is a Statutory Town. The population was 473 at the 2000 census. Otis has a semi-arid climate. The surrounding area is "farming based". The town lies in the heart of a prosperous agriculture area which produces a large variety of crops, both irrigated and dry land. Ranchers graze livestock on the grasslands surrounding the town. Otis is a small town with a laid back attitude. 


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Building permits are reviewed monthly during the monthly Town Council meeting.  Please complete the form and deliver to Otis Town Hall.  Building permit fee is $30

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